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Decoding the Future - Part 1

Decoding the Future - Part 1

Machine Learning – or ML – and Artificial Intelligence – or AI – are terms that you hear used frequently in healthcare analytics, often interchangeably. But what do these terms actually mean? How are they different? How do they complement one another and work together? What are some of the most common misconceptions of both? 

In part one of our new podcast series, Decoding the Future: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Analytics, eQHealth Solutions’ Chief Strategy Officer, Mayur Yermaneni, is joined by an expert panel that includes Ila Sarkar, Ph.D., Vice President of Analytics at eQHealth Solutions, and Farah Buric, Ph.D., Senior Data Scientist at eQHealth Solutions, for a discussion about ML and AI and the current and future implications of both in the healthcare analytics space.

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