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Access the Webinar: A High-Tech, Human-Touch Answer to Population Health Management Challenges

Presented by eQHealth's Mayur Yermaneni on July 21, 2020

Take a Complete 360 Degree Approach to Population Health Management

Population Health Management Webinar

Healthcare organizations often face challenges in the population health initiatives: High operational costs, unnecessary spending and deficient clinical effectiveness. To improve on these foundations, eQhealth Solutions uses a comprehensive mix of technology and community-based services to improve both whole person health and organizational health.

In this webinar, hear from Mayur Yermaneni (Chief Growth and Strategy Officer, eQHealth Solutions) on how this unique approach achieves the highest quality care outcomes and reduces costs for healthcare organizations.

Watch the webinar now to learn:

  • How to develop more effective population health initiatives
  • How data can be used to improve clinical effectiveness and reduce costs
  • How to eliminate niche’ and disjointed solutions

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