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CPT Code 99490: Best Practices and 2017 Outlook

Avoid the Pitfalls and Get Ahead of the Curve in Chronic Care Management

Do you want to prepare for CCM in 2017?

CPT code 99490 has been one of the most significant pieces of federal stimulus for providers and Medicare beneficiaries since it was added on January 1, 2015.

If you are already using CPT code 99490, watch this webinar to learn how the requirements are changing in the upcoming year and which additional CCM CPT Codes may be added in 2017.

Watch the webinar instantly to learn:

  • 2016 Updates to CPT Code 99490
  • 2017 Outlook for Chronic Care Management
  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices When Designing Your Program
  • How eQHealth Solutions Will Keep You Ahead of the Curve

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