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Innovative Solutions for Medicaid and Commercial Markets

Download the Free Infographic: What CMS Certification Means for Your Outcomes

Meeting the Criteria Established for Architecture and Functionality

Healthcare Business Intelligence SoftwareeQHealth Solutions has built upon our commercial care management product to create a newly-certified population health management solution. This now allows us to offer state Medicaid administrators a solution that is pre-approved for compliance with CMS funding requirements. 

The result is not only a system that safeguards against financial penalties from the CMS, but also maximizes value and minimizes the burden on beneficiaries and costs on providers. This technology allows administrators to redirect their financial resources where they belong – serving the Medicaid members in their states.

Download the CMS Certification infographic to learn:

  • Obstacles unique to the Vermont project certification process
  • How pre-certification may enable your state to recoup funding match of implementation
  • How pre-certification may enable your state to recoup funding match on maintenance and operations
  • How pre-approval of a company’s solution will enable states to meet CMS MECT requirements faster, and at a lower cost

Access the free CMS Certification Infographic by filling out the form on the right.

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