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Need to identify high-risk population members?


eQSuite® Population Health Management Software will help

Find and predict high-risk, high-cost members.

Five percent of the population accounts for approximately 50% of the total healthcare spend in the U.S.

Population Health ManagementTo make the shift from volume to value, it is critical to identify high-risk, high-cost patients and to develop care plans that address their unique needs; but that is not enough. To effectively manage your entire population, you need a platform that keeps track of all your patients including identifying gaps in care and predictive modeling capabilities to pinpoint those that are good candidates for care coordination.

eQHealth Solutions Population Health Management Module will help with:

  • Risk stratification
  • Gaps in care identification
  • Evidence-based assessment tools
  • Predictive modeling
  • Drill down capability
  • Care coordination platform
  • Evidence-based assessment tools
  • Provider, care coordinator and patient portals

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