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Payer & Administration Organizations

eQHealth's care management services, eQCare®, works together with the eQSuite®, a software platform that can provide sophisticated business intelligence and analytics. The combination delivers both high-tech and high-touch solutions for inefficiencies in your organization. Our systems allow us to help you identify high-cost and high-use members, manage their care coordination, and analyze the performance of these measures. Additionally, eQHealth offers Utilization Review and Prior Authorization services that utilize a value-based approach to approve the correct evidence-based treatments, in the most appropriate situations. 

Health Maintenance Organizations & Managed Care Organizations

eQHealth Solutions empowers health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and managed care organizations (MCOs) to stay focused on providing cost efficient care, plus put extra attention on delivering quality care. It is a complicated model, fortunately eQHealth has the know-how and experience to assist both types of organizations to implement the population health management, care coordination and utilization management programs to meet both cost and quality goals. 

Third Party Administrators

eQHealth Solutions makes it possible for third party administrators (TPAs) to keep comprehensive patient records and keep track of the patient outcomes achieved as well. We know that your members are counting on you to get it right---every time. But achieving all the administrative responsibilities and tasks in a cost efficient manner has become more complex than ever before. 

Self-Insured Plans

More than most, self-insured plan providers are fully aware of the need to manage risk. Instead of passing the risk to another entity, the buck stops with them. It is critical that these plans understand what they are spending and what benefits their members are receiving.

eQHealth Solutions has the knowledge and experience to assist self-insured plans by providing the sophisticated business intelligence, high-touch care coordination and prior authorization services you need to run your business.

Medicaid/Medicare (Government and Managed)

For Medicaid and Medicare, coverage is not the only goal. They, like many others in pursuit of the national healthcare Triple Aim, want to achieve a high quality healthcare system aimed at delivering better care at lower costs and improved health. Medicaid and Medicare emphasize purchasing care that gets results --- reduced admissions, improved health outcomes, decreased errors and most importantly, healthier, happier patients.

eQHealth Solutions, from our beginnings as the Louisiana Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), to now a large multi-state, multi-service vendor to numerous federal and state agencies, has been partnering with government organizations for nearly 30 years. eQHealth has the knowledge and experience to assist government and managed service organizations by providing the sophisticated business intelligence, high-touch care coordination, and prior authorization services you need to deliver against your goals.


eQSuite® Technology Solutions


Provides secure integration between disparate entities.


Make more informed decisions about population health and trends.


Identify high-risk, high-cost patients to improve care and reduce costs.

eQCare® Services


Provide hands-on care to high-risk patients to reduce hospital readmissions.


Better manage expenses by improving utilization review, utilization management and prior authorization.

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