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Why Population Health Management Is Now More Important Than Ever and eQHealth Solutions Is Here to Help

With growing fears of the novel coronavirus rising and misinformation spreading rampantly, panic is everywhere. Having a population health management program implemented for your members is now more important than ever. During times such as these, pro-active strategy is key. Stra...

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Applying Lessons of Great Coaches to Motivate Members in Healthcare

Written by Marina Brown, BSN, RN, CCM, CHC​, Vice President of Clinical Programs One of the most important aspects that separate good, knowledgeable sports coaches from the ones who win championships year after year is that the repeat winners understand they need to see a...

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eQHealth QIO Inc. Announces Name Change and New Appointments to Board of Directors

BATON ROUGE, LA – eQHealth QIO Inc., a non profit organization that delivers innovative, quality improvement strategies and data-driven methodologies, has announced that it will begin operating under the new name eQHealth AdviseWell, Inc., effective immediately. eQHealth AdviseWell will continue its focus on improving the quality of healthcare by using collaborative ​relationships to advise and enable change. eQHealth AdviseWell’s service offerings include contract and grant management, Senior Medicare Patrol, healthcar...

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