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Why Patient Activation Levels Are Critical to PHM Success

Many of the clinicians planning to practice value-based care have taken at least a few steps toward that goal including some investment of both time and money. If you are among this group, then you have likely begun to build or have already built an engine to drive clinical integration to assure your practice or organization has the data needed to create a comprehensive health record for your patients. Additionally, you may already have staff focused in this area as well as a business and clinical intelligence toolset to risk stratify your population. All of that is good, very good; you are on your way toward the accomplishment of your value-based care goal.

My question for you is about using your staff to best advantage. Beyond technology and tools that can help predict risk, are you using your care coordination team to engage members and assess their personal activation levels to enhance risk stratification and risk management? It is vital that as part of a comprehensive population health management approach, you need patient engagement and effective communication, but you would be surprised at how many provider organizations do not take the extra steps to ensure success in this area. Understanding how someone thinks about healthcare has immeasurable value in terms of understanding how to coach, how to discuss health matters and how to motivate patients to act in the best interest of their health.

A modular technology platform that offers clinical integration, rules-based predictive modeling, and tracks and records care coordination is optimal. The modularity allows you to choose all of these capabilities or just those you need to add to your current technology infrastructure.  Going a step further, a system that also offers an algorithm-driven process to measure patient activation levels is even better.

With the patient activation measures built into the technology platform, then using a survey or an assessment tool already built-in the system, you can quickly grasp an individual’s knowledge, skill, and confidence for managing one's own health and healthcare. With these capabilities at your fingertips, you can access member’s care plans based on their assessment scores and layout a blueprint for the best way to engage the member based on their unique characteristics, attitudes and behaviors. The promise of this more holistic approach to risk stratification, care planning, and patient activation, is that member engagement increases, resource utilization is more efficient (there is less waste), and health outcomes are improved.

Interested in learning more about the value of patient activation levels and measurement? Call or email eQHealth Solutions. Our proprietary technology platform, eQSuite®, offers a one-stop solution for population health management, business intelligence, healthcare analytics and patient activation.


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