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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Use Cases for Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics

5 Business Intelligence Use Cases in Healthcare

Business Intelligence (BI) and healthcare analytics are mainstays in a robust population health management ecosystem. These capabilities are typically leveraged for quality and performance improvement in healthcare. Whether you are specifically looking at how to better complete risk stratification for your population identifying members that need preventative care to reduce the likelihood of serious illness, or intervention to help treat or cure an existing condition, BI and healthcare analytics can help. 

While there are no crystal balls in healthcare, BI can also be used for predictive modeling sorting through vast amounts of data to find patterns and reveal associations that foretell the likelihood of future health risks and co-morbidities. With the insights predictive modeling provides, you get a clearer view of your healthcare landscape, understanding where to focus and who is in the most need of your attention. Ultimately, the goal is to improve health outcomes, increase resource utilization efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition to these typical uses (risk stratification and predictive modeling), BI can also be used to address other pressing needs. Be it regulatory compliance reporting, understanding the total cost of care for your population or a subset of your population, analyzing provider network efficiency, examining claims and clinical data to assess quality and cost factors, or measuring the efficiency of your provider network, BI and healthcare analytics can provide the information you need to manage your organization’s evolution from fee-for-service to value-based care.  To learn more, click here to see the entire infographic

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