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Health Information Technology and Business Intelligence Possess the Power to Transform an Entire Population’s Health

By Ron Ritchey, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, eQHealth Solutions

Looking Back

Reflecting on National Health IT Week has made me think of how far the industry has come in the effective use of health data and technology to reshape the way we deliver care to patients. The explosion of innovation and growth over the last 35 years, since I began my practice, has been miraculous to see and be a part of. In fact, I was reminiscing not so long ago – the capabilities we now have at our fingertips would have been thought to be out of a futuristic cartoon, and today, they are commonplace.

Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics

Supporting healthcare through IT transformation is one of National Health IT Week’s main focuses this year. From my perspective, top of the list of transformational technologies is business intelligence (BI) and healthcare analytics. Tremendous progress has been made in the last five to 10 years, and we can expect even more on the horizon as these technologies continue to transform, evolve and enrich healthcare delivery.

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