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Why Population Health Management Is Now More Important Than Ever and eQHealth Solutions Is Here to Help

With growing fears of the novel coronavirus rising and misinformation spreading rampantly, panic is everywhere. Having a population health management program implemented for your members is now more important than ever. During times such as these, pro-active strategy is key. Strategically approaching the care and education of your members is vital for their health and well-being, as well as the health of your organization, communities and our country.

A key part of a population health management program is strategy and knowing who the high-risk members are. Without it, identifying the most vulnerable and susceptible to chronic and acute episodes is challenging and moving the needle for each will be even harder, not to mention the financial impact it will have on the managing organization. Organizations with powerful Population Health Technology including robust analytics partnered with a community-based care management team will be set up for success.

As a result, the identified high-risk members are proactively contacted by the care management professionals in the members’ communities. This ensures members understand what the disease is, how it is transmitted and how to prevent spread. Additionally, the care team members educate high-risk members of myths and misinformation circulating via media outlets and social media to put the members at ease.

eQHealth Solutions is here to help.  We are helping our clients through both eQHealth Solutions eQSuite® Population Health Technology and eQCare® Population Health Services. Our care team members are educating members on topics such as making sure they know that, in most cases, benefits related to testing for COVID-19 are covered at 100%. Additionally, care team members track those members who have been hospitalized to ensure appropriate levels of care and ongoing follow-up are achieved.

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