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Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

A recently released survey by Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that anywhere from 20-25% of all patients will not get vaccinated for COVID-19, due to safety concerns. In some populations, the number almost reaches 50%. The costs of not getting vaccinated are significant: Vaccinations can save Payers an average of $32,879 per hospitalization, based on an average of 7 days in the hospital at $4,697 per day.

At eQHealth Solutions, we are being proactive in reaching out to people with chronic health conditions that are more susceptible to COVID-19 to provide education on the importance of the vaccine and assist them in scheduling their appointment.

We recently implemented a COVID-19 vaccine survey and plan of care, based on CDC guidelines. We are able to identify individuals who received the first injection and remind them to schedule their second injection, as well as identify members who wanted more education on the safety and reliability of the vaccine.  We are currently assisting our clients and their high-risk members with understanding the benefits of and providing encouraging efforts for receiving the vaccine.

We are making strong inroads to those groups who are skeptical and educating them on the benefits of the vaccine, dispelling myths and assisting them in how and where to get the vaccine for themselves. In addition to our services unit, the assessment and plan of care tools we developed are able to be deployed to all of our eQSuite software clients for use in their own high-risk populations.

eQHealth is the industry leader in Population Health Management Solutions, delivering high-tech solutions with human-touch service. eQHealth also received the first – and only – CMS-certified care management technology in the United States. Through data-driven strategies combined with compassionate care, eQHealth creates optimal financial outcomes for payers, providers and members with powerful long-term results.

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