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Care Coordination Services Deliver Impressive Cost Saving Results

On the road to value-based care, providers, payers, the self-insured and other risk-bearing entities invest in care coordination programs to improve patient or member care. The good news is that often times, the care coordination programs supported by a robust technology platform utilizes predictive modeling algorithms to identify risk profiles for program participants and track and report patient/members interactions that are implemented by skilled care managers. The bad news, and what is more problematic, is that it can be difficult to quantify the financial results. Unfortunately, frequently program administrators are left scratching their heads to determine, was it a good use of funds, did we spend more or less than planned, what about the future impact – what are the longer-term cost implications for those enrolled in the care coordination program?

In a newly published White Paper, eQHealth Solutions collaborates with Louisiana State University (LSU) to implement a care coordination program for their self-insured employee population. The White Paper reports on the 12-month program period beginning January 2014, ending January 2015; eQHealth’s analytics team does a deep dive into the cost implications for LSU’s care coordination program. The results demonstrate rock-solid cost savings attributed directly to the care coordination program.

Click here to read the LSU White Paper and a complete review of the care coordination program cost saving results.

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