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eQHealth Solutions Awarded Senior Medicare Patrol Program Grants for the States of Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi

BATON ROUGE, LA - eQHealth Solutions is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded new five-year Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) grants, by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), for the States of Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. eQHealth Solutions has held the Louisiana SMP grant since 2009 and the Mississippi SMP grant since 2015. The SMP mission is to empower Medicare beneficiaries, their family members and caregivers to prevent health care fraud through outreach, counseling and education.

The SMP program was established by federal law in 1997 and is administered by the ACL. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) estimates that Medicare loses between sixty and one hundred billion dollars each year due to errors, fraud, and abuse. SMP projects actively work to disseminate SMP fraud prevention and information through the media, outreach campaigns, community events and local education sessions. Additionally, SMP offers beneficiaries the opportunity to contact the program grantees for each state with inquiries and complaints regarding Medicare, Medicaid and other health care or related consumer issues.

“Since 2009, eQHealth Solutions’ SMP staff and volunteers have educated over 750,000 Medicare beneficiaries. According to OIG reporting, the actual Medicare funds recovered attributable to the projects for the period of 2009 through 2017 totals over $17 million. eQHealth is proud to have been instrumental in the recovery of these funds and of our education efforts. We look forward to continuing our work on SMP in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi,” said Glen J. Golemi, Chief Executive Officer, eQHealth Solutions.

The SMP message is simple; “Protect, Detect & Report”.  This message is spread throughout the three states by staff as well as volunteers who are the backbone of the project. Recruitment for volunteers is ongoing and anyone interested may call 877-272-8720 to get further information. Beneficiaries may also call this number to report a complaint or simply ask questions and get more information. Non-English speaking callers will also be assisted. Additionally, beneficiaries may access the SMP program online at to read more about the “Protect, Detect & Report” message, the mission of the program and to obtain other resources and get answers to their questions. Ongoing scams, news reports, latest arrests and tips are also available online.

About eQHealth Solutions
Founded in 1986, eQHealth Solutions is a population health management and technology solutions company that touches millions of lives annually throughout the nation. Our high-tech and high-touch models include innovative technology solutions and care coordination services and focus on outcomes and optimization of provider and payer networks.  eQHealth serves a variety of entities including federal, state and commercial clients. 

For more information regarding the Senior Medicare Patrol program in Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi call 877-272-8720 or email Sonja Landry at

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