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eQHealth Solutions Selected by Medicare Advantage Managed Care Company ApexHealth to Provide Utilization Management Services and Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

Aligning missions supporting Quality Driven Medicare Advantage Administration.

BATON ROUGE, LA. – eQHealth Solutions, a leading population health management technology and services company, was recently selected by Apex Management Solutions, dba ApexHealth, to provide eQCare® Utilization Management services and technology and its eQSuite® Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics platform.

eQCare® Utilization Management services and technology was chosen for its high-value and quality-centric mission known for creating improved outcomes based on data-driven methodologies with a focus on community-specific factors such as social determinants of health. For more than 20 years, eQHealth has been providing utilization management services and technology to government and commercial payers with a multi-faceted approach. This approach ensures services are medically appropriate and necessary and that members receive quality, efficient and cost-effective care.

eQHealth’s eQSuite® Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics platform provides ApexHealth direct, intuitive hands on access to actionable information with proper interpretation by advanced healthcare specific analytics in conjunction with in-house experts supporting optimal and effective predictive modeling & risk stratification initiatives. This platform also delivers Part C, STAR ratings and CMS program audit reporting.

ApexHealth is a Medicare Advantage managed care company serving members in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. ApexHealth’s leadership encompasses decades of Medicare health insurance management experience and is focused on each member’s unique circumstances and specific health care needs.  ApexHealth goes beyond traditional customer service and brings a true human connection to the member’s experience with dedicated personal assistants to help navigate the health care world, eliminating unnecessary worries and complications.

“eQHealth has a reputation that is in alignment with our mission at ApexHealth,” said insert Apex name/title. “ApexHealth has an unwavering commitment to provide outstanding quality in everything we do. We carefully select experienced partners to ensure our members are provided with the best services in the industry. eQHealth’s approach to optimal member health, with a personalized touch, supports our mission to make a difference for every member.”

Glen J. Golemi, President and Chief Executive Officer, eQHealth Solutions, said, “We are honored to be joining ApexHealth as their provider of utilization management services and healthcare analytics technology. It is a pleasure to do business with a company whose vision aligns so closely with our own. We look forward to our work with ApexHealth and effecting positive, personal change in the lives of their Medicare Advantage members.”

About eQHealth Solutions
eQHealth Solutions is a 360- degree population health management partner that provides comprehensive offerings including utilization management, care management, business intelligence and healthcare analytics and total population health management technology and services that touches millions of lives annually throughout the nation. The company’s high-tech and human-touch approach includes innovative technology solutions and services focused on optimal member health outcomes while reducing costs. eQHealth serves a variety of entities including government and commercial healthcare payers, third-party administrators and self-insured employer groups.

About Apex Management Solutions
Based in Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, Apex Health Solutions is a privately held Medicare Advantage managed care company founded in 2018 by CEO Jon Cotton, former President of Meridian. With a mission to make a difference for every member, ApexHealth delivers an array of premier healthcare services designed to serve members with integrity and optimize the lives they choose to lead. 


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Director of Product and Brand Marketing
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