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eQSuite® Technology Solutions

Health Information Exchange / Clinical Integration Framework

Clinical Integration Framework

eQSuite® Clinical Integration Framework (CIF) Technology provides secure, clinical integration between disparate healthcare stakeholders through SaaS, cloud-based platform. The CIF module delivers core clinical functionality without redundant features that typically reside within meaningful use EMRs and Practice Management Systems, such as ePrescribing, appointment scheduling and physician order entry.

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Business Intelligence & Healthcare Analytics

eQSuite® Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics Technology provides users with direct access to effective decision support information. In today’s evolving landscape, any delay in reporting information may impact complex business decisions for healthcare providers. Data is only a vast collection of facts without proper interpretation. eQHealth uses advanced healthcare analytics that turn data into actionable information at the point-of-care, which is accessible with an internet connection from any device.

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Healthcare Analytics / Business Intelligence

Population Health Management

Population Health Management

eQSuite® Population Health Management Technology uses sophisticated software to identify high-risk, high-cost members, categorizing and prioritizing them by illness, severity of illness and identifying gaps in care. Through predictive modeling, we are able to take your claims and other data to identify members whose health, functional ability and use of health services suggest they are good candidates for care coordination,  and provide the platform to guide your care for those members.

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Our Population Management Solutions Touch Over 10 Million Lives Annually. See eQSuite® in Action.

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