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Business Intelligence & Healthcare Analytics

Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics

eQSuite® Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics Technology provides users with direct access to actionable information. In today’s evolving landscape, any delay in reporting information may impact complex business decisions for healthcare providers. Data is only a vast collection of facts without proper interpretation. eQHealth uses advanced healthcare analytics that turns data into actionable information at the point-of-care, which is accessible with an internet connection from any device.

Predictive Healthcare Analytics & Risk Stratification

Using technology and statistical methods, predictive modeling can help healthcare providers efficiently search through vast amounts of information, analyzing it to predict outcomes for individual patients and stratifying them into risk groups and categories. Predictive modeling can also quickly identify patterns in healthcare information and reveal associations that assess the likelihood of future risks and co-morbidities.

Through this predictive modeling process, we can:

  • Leverage the John Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACG) System’s Predictive Modeling methodology. ACG uses both inpatient and outpatient diagnoses to classify each patient into one of 93 ACG categories. Used by providers, health plans and public sector agencies alike, the ACG system is statistically validated and the industry standard risk adjustment and predictive modeling methodology.
  • Identify high-cost utilizers of your healthcare plan to address potential cost concerns.
  • Assess benefit plan performance and expected costs for the coming year.
  • Stratify your patient population to identify those within high risks categories based on co-morbidities and utilization.
  • Enroll patients into care coordination services automatically, based on highly configurable system rules designed around predictive modeling results.
  • Obtain the benefits of eQHealth’s internal Healthcare Analytics department, which is comprised of doctoral and masters level statistical analysts with 60 years of cumulative experience in data analysis, biostatistics, and applied analytics work to identify quality improvement opportunities.

Healthcare Intelligence Resource Utilization Report

Healthcare Analytics Utilization Report


BI Use Cases Guide

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Interactive Healthcare Reporting & Executive Dashboards

Utilizing industry standard measures, our healthcare reporting and executive dashboards provide quick, insightful and easy-to-understand metrics in a clear visual format. Leadership can quickly assess organizational performance on key measures related to utilization management, quality measure analysis and population health management, among others. Clinicians may display data and identify trends and patterns in results, allowing for quicker course correction when necessary.

  • Cost and quality reporting built-in for efficiency (GPRO, PQRS and HEDIS®).
  • Uses data visualization capabilities to analyze healthcare data clearly and concisely.
  • Drill down to assess important clinical metrics and manage provider performance based on your organizational structure.
  • Drill through to an actionable detailed patient record to examine and manage a specific patient record or case.

Healthcare Analytics Dashboard

Clinical Intelligence Report

Simple Healthcare Report Creation

Business Intelligence Reports for Healthcare

Ad Hoc Healthcare Analytics Capabilities

Easy-to-use, interactive data visualization capabilities provide near-real-time ad hoc analytics and access to optimized data models for end-users to find answers to questions related to their healthcare data.

  • Ad hoc analysis and reporting on a variety of metrics, including the ability to create and execute custom calculations.
  • Simple drag and drop features to create patient reporting and visualization options.
  • View member utilization/spending based on diagnosis, procedure, facility, location and a variety of other dimensions.
  • Review multi-dimensional trending data for your population.
  • Drill down capabilities to view underlying data driving results.
  • Share reports across any level of the organization to ensure focus and alignment.
  • Export healthcare analytics data to CSV, PDF, or Excel cross-tab files. 

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