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End-to-End Clinical Integration

eQHealth provides secure integration between disparate entities through a standards-based modular framework.  The cloud-based, Saas platform, enables connectivity and integration without expensive investments in hardware infrastructure or long installation timelines.

The system is inclusive of all of these functions: data exchange, storage and retrieval; business and clinical intelligence including risk stratification and predictive modeling; patient engagement and secure messaging; care coordination and management enabling audit trails and documentation of all patient interventions and interactions; population health management: medical management including utilization review, prior authorization and utilization management; quality measure tracking and reporting. The modular framework, can be used wholistically as an end-to-end clinical integration solution for an entire population health value chain. Another option is that specific segments can be used to add a capability filling a need/gap in a functional technology platform or enhance and strengthen an existing solution.

The system provides real-time access to patient information including demographics, physician records from PCPs and specialists, hospitals, physician offices, laboratory results, claims from insurers and pharmacy records among others. eQHealth provides a connected landscape across all healthcare stakeholders, reduced provider review request times, and reduction in the duplication of services for payors. The end results are increased operational efficiency, improved healthcare quality (safety of care through care coordination) and reduced healthcare costs.

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