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eQHealth Difference: High - Tech & High - Touch

High – Tech & High – Touch : When developing our population health and care management solution, we considered all aspects of healthcare reform and how it would affect states and other risk bearing entities. We developed a cutting-edge “high-tech” platform, eQSuite®, plus a cutting-edge “high-touch” program, eQCare® to complement our technology.

High – Tech: A cloud-based, SaaS platform, eQSuite® unites ALL the IT-based elements needed for managing healthcare populations. Developed as a standards-based, modular technology framework, our clients are able to engage with eQHealth in a variety of ways. Unlike other health information technology companies, eQHealth can provide an end-to-end solution or augment and strengthen existing capabilities without extensive technology infrastructure investments or long timelines. Core functionality and capabilities include:

Clinical Integration Framework

Clinical Integration Framework 

Technology framework connects all disparate clinical systems within an organization to create a virtual integrated system to facilitate accountable care delivery decision support.

Healthcare Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Healthcare Analytics 

Timely data analysis to stratify risk, predict outcomes and offer actionable clinical guidance.


Population Health Management Software

Population Health Management 

Identifies high-cost, high-risk members, gaps in care for both medical care and pharmacy, and provides the platform to manage effective care coordination.


High – Touch: The philosophy behind our unique care management program, eQCare®, is a high-performing, community-centric approach, employing care coordinators from within the communities they serve.

This “high-touch, face-to-face” approach ensures more personalized engagement; caregivers have an added benefit of understanding the social and cultural environments of their patients. Because of this knowledge, caregivers are able to provide coaching to effect behavioral change and overcome psychosocial barriers that others, without the intimate knowledge of the community, would be far less equipped to overcome.


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